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The Entire Taco
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The Clipart

You have a birthday party invitation you need to get out right away and need to dress it up a bit! You're doing a TV commercial for your local science museum and need some pretty pictures to put in there! Your book report is due and you want to suck up to the teacher by adding some classy images to it! Sorry. Doubt you'll find that here.

But if you want to waste some time looking at silly images, this is the place. Help yourself to any of the clipart images on this page that might suit your particular sense of the bizarre. They're free, ya know.

(Just check our copyright page to make sure you're allowed to use them for what you want to do, but it shouldn't be a problem. We don't care enough to worry about it too much)

Make sure you read this about our clipart formats. Other than that, enjoy your stay, however brief.

Crab [gif ] Angry Monkey [gif ]
Lizard [gif ] Turkey [gif ]
Alligator [gif ] Alligator (anim) [gif ]
Slug [gif ] Monster Under Bed [gif ]
Spider [gif ] Frog [gif ]
Snake [gif ] Stegosaurus [gif ]
Bat [gif ] Dog [gif ]
Elephant [gif ] Cat [gif ]
Drowned Rat [gif ] Cow [gif ]
Disgruntled Pig [gif ] Starfish [gif ]
Jellyfish [gif ] Mosquito [jpg,png ]
Platypus [jpg,png ] Dragon [jpg,png ]
Charlie [jpg,png ]
Around the House
Mailbox [gif ] House Plant [gif ]
Television [gif ] TV Remote [gif ]
Comfy Chair [gif ] Table Lamp [gif ]
Paint Can [gif ] Battery [gif ]
Trash Can [gif ] Fridge [gif ]
Blender [gif ] Pot [gif ]
Aquarium [jpg,png ]
Ghost [gif ] Cranky Lady [gif ]
Pirate [gif ] Pirate (anim) [gif ]
Mad Scientist [gif ] Mad Scientist (anim) [gif ]
Martian [gif ] Wizard [gif ]
Fifties Woman [jpg,png ]
Soda Can [gif ] Taco [gif ]
Cereal Box [gif ]
Pumpkin [gif ] Santa Claus [gif ]
Christmas Tree [gif ] Christmas Lights [gif ]
Pinball Machine [gif ] Pinball Machine (anim) [gif ]
Frisbee [gif ] Camera [gif ]
Kites [gif ]
Black & White
Guest Book [gif ] Sign In [gif ]
Skull [gif ] Mutt [gif ]
Sand Castle [gif ] Tree [gif ]
Clock [gif ]
Beach [gif ] Volcano [gif ]
Planet [gif ] Island [gif ]
Question Mark [gif ] Compact Disc/DVD [gif ]
Key [gif ] Dynamite [gif ]
Copyright [gif ] Exclamation [gif ]
Pointing Hand [gif ]
Lighthouse [gif ] Dog House [gif ]
City Skyline [gif ] Comm Tower [gif ]
Factory [gif ] Lamp Post [gif ]
Airplane [gif ] Rocket [gif ]
Train [gif ] Train Car [gif ]
Microscope [gif ] Chem Lab [gif ]
The Office
Computer [gif ] Telephone [gif ]